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Russell Fairchild - USA

Just wanted to share my experience with Adam's one on one mentor-ship. First, I will tell you, for me, it was hands down, 100% worth it! My understanding of values has grown immensely, my knowledge and ability to render anatomy is ten times better, and colors finally make somewhat sense to me! Before I took Adam's class, I had no outside training, was learning as much as I could from YouTube and other sources, and making up what I didn't know. I felt like I was floundering in the dark with every painting, and the process was taking forever. In my finally piece I truly felt the change that Adam's teaching had made, I suddenly knew what to do, and what steps to take to get a faster, and better, result. What amazes me as well is that my attitude toward my art has completely changed. I'm sure I'll still have bad days, but not crushing days. On my final week, my hard drive failed, and I lost 5 hours of painting skin, and facial rendering. I was upset, but instead of avoiding painting it all over again, the next day I was right back on it, doing what I needed to get it done, and the knowing that I could do it propelled me faster. I repainted what I had lost in about 2 hours.... blows my mind. I finally feel like I'm heading in the right direction, and not walking blindly in the dark. Thank you Adam, and I hope my experience will encourage you to take his course.

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Toby Drew - UK

Adam is a fantastic teacher, he can make a seemingly complex topic become second nature for his students. Not only did he teach me new art techniques and theory, but he augmented and enhances any knowledge and/or skill I already possessed. My mentorship to Adam has changed me from a student into an artist.

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Klee Darrow - USA

Adam's mentorship has helped me discover my innate ability as a visual storyteller; a skill I never realized was so important to me personally as an artist. It was like magic. Generating creative ideas went from utter torture to simplicity itself. His course also helped me refocus and jump-start foundation skills in a way that was both fun and interesting. Adam Duff is one of those unique people who has a gift for teaching, which he does with boundless energy, great enthusiasm, a down-to-earth style, and a keen sense of humor. If his approach rings a bell for you, and you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, then the Lucidpixul mentorship might just be the thing that helps you level up on your artistic journey. Klee D.

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Tarik Boussekine - Switzerland

I discovered Adam Duff via his YouTube channel and community critics he did with the great artist Tyler Edlin. The skills of Adam both on the artistic level and pedagogic level immediately resonated with me. So I registered as soon as I knew he was providing a Mentorship (and the price is ridiculously low), and I could start very rapidly My Mentorship is not yet complete but I already see results, because Adam is not only a great artist, but he really has the ability to communicate his energy, his view of things, his emotional reading of art. He is as humble as he is talented, always focused on you as a student, on transmitting his passion for drawing, painting and design. A great professional, artist and teacher.

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Jaz McDaniel - USA

Duff’s Mentorship is truly amazing! His method of teaching can apply to all levels of artist. I didn’t only find a mentor to guide me in my art journey but a friend who continues to help me grow as an artist to this day!”

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Jonathan Simpson - USA

Adam Duff is a remarkable teacher who I'm now happy to call a good friend. I wholeheartedly recommend his mentorship. Adam is one of those rare individuals capable of giving personalized feedback. He doesn't just regurgitate techniques you can find anywhere online or in book format; he personalizes everything to fit your painting style. Whether you're a fine artist interested in mood and mystery, an illustrator looking to improve technique, or a student who has no idea what he is or wants to be, Adam has you covered. And to top it all off, he's also encouraging. You'll leave your lessons not upset at how much you have to learn, but excited to pick up your stylus (or paintbrush).

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Markus Harma - Estonia

Adam Duff's mentorship was a definitely great experience. Besides learning about color, anatomy and composition etc..., Adam also helped me to find what direction I want to go in the art industry. Now with a definitely goal I'm no longer insecure about my future. 10/10 would recommend!

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Antonio Stappaerts - Belgium

I really feel like I had a strong connection with Adam, which I find is one of his strong suits. When I had questions about the mentorship before starting, he answered ALL of my questions, which is something that followed through the entire mentorship. No matter how much work I shared with him, course related or personal, he took the time to critique all of it. He's a real teacher, which really comes through in his teaching style, adapting to YOUR style, rather than him expecting you to adapt to his. The curriculum is very solid and well designed.

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Brandon Dennis - New Zealand

What I love about the mentorship is that he really got me to connect with the artist in me. He helped me connect with my fascination of humanity, including human behaviour, expression and body language. The skill and professionalism that Adam has is outstanding. So I suggest ripping into the mentorship and learn something new, because I certainly did! Brandon

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Mattia Maurizio - Switzerland

Adam is a wonderful artist and brilliant teacher, and that's a combination not too easy to find. Learning to paint is different from learning to be an artist. Adam helped me a lot with how to express myself. He really understood my strengths and weaknesses. What I love is how the mentorship adapts to your particular direction. Matt

LUCIDPIXUL is an intensive 8 week private art mentorship program - over 120 full length lessons.


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There are many teaching institutions that focus more on showcasing the teacher, and less on helping you reach your full potential. At LUCIDPIXUL, you're dealing with real art teachers, trained in the skill of making things make sense, and helping YOU discover YOUR own unique voice.

So come have a quick tour - just check out the MENTORSHIP menu at the top of the page, to find out more about the CURRICULUM, FAQS and REGISTRATION.

For any other questions, feel free to contact me directly at mentorship@LUCIDPIXUL.COM