WEEK 1 - Volume, Form, Perspective

In week 1, we cover the fundamentals in depth. Mastering character construction in its simplest form is a skill that will translate through your entire career.

WEEK 2 - Advanced Anatomy

Now that you're warmed up, this is where we kick things into high gear. This series of lessons covers anatomy the way it should be - no shortcuts, no nicknames - we learn every bone and superficial muscle of the human body in depth in a way that's clear, comprehensible and accurate. But don't panic, by the time we're done with the lesson you'll be following along like a pro!

WEEK 3 - Light & Value

Light and value are two of the most powerful tools in an artists arsenal. Artistic mastery of value and light requires two angles of study, the scientific and the practical. We must both understand the properties and behaviour of light, however learn to render them convincingly with a paint brush.

WEEK 4 - Color

Color is a subject that so many of us struggle with, but that is most likely because you haven't trained your mind to see and apply it properly. Although this week covers the theory of color, the real focus is on teaching you how to see in ways you never thought you could.

WEEK 5 - Composition

Everything that we've learned to date will lend itself towards this fascinating subject. We will explore every imaginable angle and facet of composition, from the fine art approach, to cinematic, to that of a visual storyteller.

WEEK 6 - Environment & Storytelling

From this point on, we will be focusing on environment design fundamentals and storytelling. Environment Design isn't only about creating scenes, it's about mastering the art of visual and cinematic storytelling./p>

WEEK 7 - Environment in Color

There are several approaches to color in environments, the fine art approach and the digital approach. During this week, we explore both in detail, while tackling issues that all of us often struggle with when it comes to environment creation./p>

WEEK 8 - The Journey Begins

We have a few last lessons to cover before we embark on your new gallery - your new portfolio - your new career. Everything we've spent that last 7 weeks mastering has led us to this moment, with in-depth lessons and full painting demonstrations./p>