CLOCKTOWER - A steampunk inspired cityscape

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CLOCKTOWER is an environment-centric illustration based around the steampunk theme. Taking a different approach in this piece, the painting style is loose and quick, taking advantage of any and every digital tool at my disposal.

The original idea for this piece was inspired by a viewer on my YouTube channel named Void Ion iXaari, who offered several concepts, including and a "Zombie Roman Army" and "Steampunk City". I took off with the steampunk idea and just had fun with it, creating a gritty, industrial, quirky, smoggy, polluted landscape, with the centerpiece, a massive clock tower.

So enjoy the following series, and once you've gotten your fill, share your feedback, observations, thoughts with me, as well as everyone else. The sounding board is always the best source of inspiration and learning, so make sure your voice is heard!

CLOCKTOWER CHAPTER ONE - Blocking in to loose concept

Chapter one takes you through the majority of the creation of this illustration, from loose value blocking, to color and texture overlays.

CLOCKTOWER CHAPTER TWO - Elaborating on the design

Chapter two elaborates on the already established painting, adding design and narrative elements, playing around with colors and lighting.

CLOCKTOWER CHAPTER THREE - Adding details and refinement

Chapter three focuses on further refining the design.

CLOCKTOWER CHAPTER FOUR - Finishing touches and easter eggs

Chapter four focuses on adding a bit of spit-polish to the illustration, and the addition of a small steampunk inspired character for the sake of populating this grand cityscape.


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