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ART TALKS aim to clarify and tackle many of the technical, creative and emotional obstacles many of us artists face every day of our artistic careers.

Artists from every walk of life, don't only have to deal with the technical obstacles, but very often, the emotional ones as well. These talks aim to enlighten, inspire and demistify many common misconceptions and fears that we all face. Enjoy and feel free to share any of your own ideas for future talks!

ART TALKS Episode 15 - The 411 on Concept Art

The term "concept art" gets thrown around all over the place, and sometimes in ways that don't make sense!.

ART TALKS Episode 14 - Career Focused Artwork

Portfolios that get the jobs aren't only about quality work, but about how focused they are as well.

ART TALKS Episode 13 - Necessary Skills for Professional Artists?

Here's a very practical point-form list on the mandatory skills every professional artist is expected to master.

ART TALKS Episode 12 - Facebook for Artists, and Social Networking Tips

Putting your heart on the line for a few measly "likes" can be very frustrating and discouraging - let's get to the bottom of this!

ART TALKS Episode 11 - Being a AAA Game Artist

We want AAA game artists but here's the catch...you can only get hired if you're ALREADY a AAA game artist. So what now?

ART TALKS Episode 10 - Learning vs Doing

We can spend our entire lives learning theory and watching tutorials, but it's not until we DO that change happens.

ART TALKS Episode 9 - Overcoming Your Fears

We always talk about "our fear of failure", but there are many other fears holding us back.

ART TALKS Episode 8 - Online vs Traditional Art Schools

The world of education is changing in front of our noses. Before you take out that school loan, here's some food for thought.

ART TALKS Episode 7 - Why Does Art Matter?

Art has been around since the dawn of humankind, but - what's it good for, seriously? Let's talk about that!.

ART TALKS Episode 6 - When S&%T Gets Real

So you're a failure as an artist, as a human, as a living bacteria!! Have some compassion for yourself, everything will be fine.

ART TALKS Episode 5 - Overcoming Artistic Block

Artistic block affects all of us, but you have a whole arsenal of things you can use to overcome it.

ART TALKS Episode 4 - How to Survive as an Artist

There's far too much "me me me" to go around - surviving as an artist is just as much about helping others.

ART TALKS Episode 3 - Personal vs Professional Artwork

Personal expression and professional execution are both hugely important, but it's important to distinguish the differences.

ART TALKS Episode 2 - Job Interview Tips

Oooh! Scary interview! Don't panic, here are a few useful tips to help you impress everyone's pants off!.

ART TALKS Episode 1 - Art Portfolio Tips

Building a professional art portfolio can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you get it right first shot!


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