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Yes, I always wear a hat...helps me concentrate.

max-width: 100%;height:auto;Adam Duff is a veteran concept artist, illustrator and designer born in New Orleans, LA, and raised in Montreal, Canada, who works both in traditional and digital medium. His work is best described as "the bridge between fantasy and reality". With a background in Fine Arts, Film Animation and 3D Animation, his work is a culmination of these skills. His works, while generally focused in a fantasy narrative, have a strong lifelike depiction, creating imagery that is both not-from-this-world yet believable.

In addition to artwork, he is equally passionate about teaching and directing, offering clients, artists and studios the means to grow, improve and breathe passion into their work. This includes (but is not limited to) art direction at Electronic Arts and Vision Globale FX, Artistic Supervisor for Disney's animated TV series Wander Over Yonder, and teaching Advanced Concept Art, 2D & 3D Character Animation and Digital Image Integration at the college level. Having been raised and cultured in the beautiful city of Montreal, he celebrates his Quebec heritage, working, teaching and directing in his two native languages - English and French.

Finally, he has also illustrated and published children's books, and has been published in numerous top-selling art magazines such as ImagineFX. This includes online publishings and interviews by such sites as, and has revied excellence awards for some of his works for top-rated art websites such as